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3-3-2016 I was asked to make something that is a surprise. This was the second time I was asked for a surprise tonight at the Culver's in Edwardsville, IL.  This is a hat that I designed a while ago when I found the world prints. I added a clear balloon with a super ball inside of it around the world print. Makes it kind of like the moon and gives it motion. To give it a little more pop, I add the Alien, which also helps hold the world up. Round the World Hat
Tie Fighter 3-1-2016 I got to the Culver's in Collinsville, IL a little early and decided to make this Tie Fighter before starting my night. I was wondering how long it would take and had not decided on the body/cockpit design. I did end up using two balloons for that portion. So it turned out fine in retrospect. The wings are squares with an x in the middle to fill in the space. I put it on a clear balloon to hold it up in the air.
2016-02-27 This was the challenge of the night. Make a "Popeye" and see if my dad can guess what you are making. It took the dad a while to guess.                                                                                                                   Popeye

2016-01-05  Here is one of my customers that come in every so often at the Collinsville, Il Culver's. He is always happy and full of fun. It is a joy to see him, his little brother, and mom come in to the restaurant. I made him a large roadrunner. I do not think he has seen the show but he liked the roadrunner anyway. It was always one of my favorites and have made it every so often. This was created at my regular restaurant (Culver's in Collinsville, IL), on Tuesday night. The new hours are 5:30 PM. to 7:30 PM.

Culver's Collinsville Roadrunner

2016-01-01  At the end of the night last week at the Collinsville, IL Culver's I made "The Grinch" balloon for the counter top. It was a spur of the moment thing.  The Grinch  I used a balloon named a Geo, turned inside out for the mouth.  By tuning the Geo inside out, instead of a round balloon with a hole in the middle, you get the shape you see for the mount.  A bonus is that the balloon now has an attachment point where the hole was located.  As it was just before Christmas, I gave the Grinch a smile.  

2015-12-21  Here is a walk-around-dragon that I have the children help make at the "Balloon And Fun Show."

Walk Around Dragon

It is a great ending to the show where the children are dressed up in balloons, skits are performed, and a little magic is made. I leave the dragon at the event so they can play with it afterwards

2015-12-03 This little girl wanted something special. She came up with a snowman hat. So, as it was getting late, and the place was winding down, I decided to make it for her. I did my usual snowman, but had to use four attachments to keep it stable. I even put a light inside to make it "special" for her.   She really liked the snowman hat. The table even gave me an applause. It is nice to be able to create balloon sculptures that the children like and have fun at the same time.  Lighted Snowman Hat


 At my regular restaurant, on Tuesday night, I had a little girl ask for a peacock.  badguylightsaber

Well the table had three other children, so I decided to do them first.  That way, if the place got crowded, I could offer to do something else instead of the peacock.  As it turned out the one boy wanted a light saber.  so I made the new "Bad Guy" version with the two side blades.

Well as the restaurant was not too busy, I decided to let make the peacock.  I  peacock told the little girl that she could pick out the tail feathers colors.  She decided on green, blue, purple, and teal.   I did make the peacock a little comical so it would look funny.  She really liked it a lot.  She continued to play with it the rest of the time that they were eating.  It is nice to be able to give the children what they want sometimes.

2015-11-28, Our next blog entry.

Still working on the layout of this page. I am looking at examples and find a lot of styles that appeal to me. I hope to keep this informative.


Well the heavy rain has stopped and I think I will be able to go outside and work on some Christmas lights.

I saw a great product from Barry Mitchell that could have the potential to be used in my "Balloon Show" if I can work out a way to use it with balloons. I think that the children would really like the magic effect, combined with a funny story, and balloons. I need to work out the details.

2015-11-27, the day after Thanksgiving, this is our first blog entry.

I saw a good joke that applies to Thanksgiving. I hope you get a laugh out of it: Have you heard about the turkey that got into a fight? He got the stuffing beat out of him!

We were out at the O'Fallon IL Chevys restaurant for a $10 off of Chevys Waitress and ladybug $20 offer. After we ordered , I made the the waitress this balloon creation. She really liked the balloon. She said she was going to give it to her 4 year old daughter after work. She also said that that her daughter would love it. When we are out, I usually carry some balloons with me. I like to give them to the wait staff to try to bring a little joy to their day.

Well that is about it for today. Come back soon to see more posts.

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