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         Who would have thought

Dental Awareness Messages 

For Children 5 and Under

Was this Much Fun!

Delivering dental awareness messages to audiences of children 5 and under is essential. 
As parents we all do our bit after breakfast and before bedtime. 
What about the bigger picture though? 
The connection between dental hygiene, diet and the dentist? 
Mainly left to early learning professionals to explain,
it can tricky to make the fairly dull content exciting to young minds. 
Would you like a way to sugar coat (so to speak) this hard to swallow pill?

Happy Kids

The Happy Teeth Show uses magic, catchy jingles, and fun to deliver three messages:

Dental Hygiene is critical,

A good diet promotes healthy teeth,

And visiting the dentist is a positive experience.

     Happy Teeth      

Learning about dental awareness has never been so much fun. 

⬛  Sherlock Bones the very funny dog (he's a puppet) does a brilliant job of helping the children understand the importance of eating the 'right' food.  Bones are the perfect meal for Sherlock Bones but vegetables, fruit, and water belong on our plates.

⬛  The Happy Teeth Store is the place with dental products just for kids.  But the children forget the magic words and the store closes.  But wait the children remember the words and say them out loud.  The store is open again and the kids made it happen.

⬛   The children are shown how that sugar can hide in sweets as an eight foot candy cane appears, along with a bottle of water.  Drinking water helps remove the sugar from their teeth.

⬛   The magic words the children learn throughout the show reinforce the key messages: Brush your teeth twice a day (Hygiene) Bad food - no way (Diet) I like the dentist - Hooray! (Seeing a visit to the dentist as a positive experience.)

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