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Preschool and Elementary School Magic Shows

Kids hands up


The Happy Teeth Show

 Three parts to the show, each with a theme and catchy jingle

 Stresses brushing their teeth twice a day, in the morning and at night.

 Teaches about sugar, water, and good foods to eat.

 A visit to the dentist is fun.

 Fun educational messages while capturing the children's attention.

Happy Teeth
About the show:
  • Tooth brush and tooth past appear from a empty box
  • Sherlock Bones (Sheep Dog Puppet) and food to eat
  • See the appearing 8 ft candy cane
  • The "Happy Teeth" Store
  • It is fun to visit the dentist
  • A talking drawing board

"Really Big" Magical Books Show

 Magic show involving books like:

  •  How to Eat Fried Worms
  •  The Cat and the Hat
  •  How to Pick a Pet
  •  If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
  •  Houdini, and more

 A great way to explore the magic of books while having fun.

Big Books
Some of the potential acts in the show:
  • Forgetful Freddie's shrinking head
  • "Harry Balloondini" escapes from being tied up
  • Cooking worms
  • What pet should I get?
  • Pick a Dr. Seuss book
  • Jack and the Giant
  • Is a crocodile the greatest animal of all?
  • Follow the cookie as it travels and vanishes only to appear in a funny place

The Amazing Balloons and Magic Show

 A fun magic show using fun, magic, and balloons. 

 Full of of fun and participation by the children.

Twisting a balloon while blindfolded
Acts in the Show:
  • Letters and colors with balloons
  • Sherlock Bones (puppet) picks a balloon
  • Blindfold balloon twisting
  • The 9ft balloon dragon

2+3= Happy Body

This is an educational magic show about eating right makes your body happy.

  • Good Foods are FUN!
  • Bad Foods No Way
  • Going to the grocery store is FUN!
This is a great show teaching how fruits and vegetables are good for the children to eat using educational messages, repeatable jingles, and a little magic fun.
Slate with 2+3 fruit and vegetables are good for you
Acts in the Show:
  • Fruit and vegetables appear from a empty box
  • Sugar is bad fruits and vegetables are good
  • Visiting the grocery store is fun
  • Sherlock Bones (Sheep Dog Puppet) in Food Fun
  • A review with a talking drawing board

Tooth and Brush                        
   stack of books