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What kind of face paint is that and is it safe to wear? Our Face Painters use no acrylic paints or craft glitter. We use only paints and glitter that are FDA approved for the skin. Acrylic craft paints are not safe for the face and will stain clothing.

Are balloons safe for small children? It is our policy not to give balloons to children under 3 as they are a choking hazard. If you want a balloon for a child under 3 years old, we will make one and hand it to you. It is up to you to decide if you want to give it to your child and you take full responsibility for the consequences. We take this matter very seriously and are concerned for the safety of your child.

How soon should I book my entertainment? Plan in advance to book your entertainment early! We have a lot of bookings that reserve our services several months in advance. It is rare if are there spots open the week of your event.

How do you make those incredible balloons? We take pride in learning new and interesting balloon sculptures. We do this by investing in books, CDs, DVDs, balloon jams, conventions, and classes. We even design some of our own creations.

How many years have you been doing entertainment? We have been in the entertainment business for over 20 years. This includes over 18 years of balloon sculpting and 10 years of face painting.

How long have you worked twisting balloons at a restaurant? We have worked at restaurants for over 15 years. We can be seen at the Culver's in Collinsville Tuesday (6-8 PM) and the Culver's in Edwardsville Thursday (5:30-7:30 PM).

Call us at 618-604-0268!

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