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Our Senior Center Shows use magic, balloons, puppets, and fun to delivering enjoyment to your residents.

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The Caring and Sharing Show

This show is all about caring and sharing.  Magic routines are used to demonstrate that you should care and share with others.  The king finds out it is better to have a big heart than to have it all.  It is better to encourage and up lift others instead of discouraging or putting down people.  These are just a few examples of the routines in the show.  Your residents are involved and included the whole time.  They will have fun, laugh, and experience a show about sharing and caring.  This show will fit the National Nursing Home Week theme of "Itís a small world with a big heart."

The Really Big Magical Books Show

It is a great show involving very large books and magic.  Your residents will think they are seeing things when the see the size of these books.  But the best part is the magic inside each of these books.  Randy takes your residents from one book to another telling stories, having fun, and performing lots of magic.  The Big Books of Magic will have your residents laughing and involved throughout the show. There is plenty of action with silks, funny magic wands, a large sheep dog puppet, some balloons, and more.
Big Magical Books

The Big Books of Magic is perfect for just about any time of the year.

Your residents will feel great after experiencing this memorable event!

The Fun Magic and Balloons Show

Helping Randy is Sherlock Bones, the very and inquisitive dog. This life size sheep dog puppet is entrancing. Sure he makes them laugh but he lets the residents know that anyone can enjoy fun and magic.

Example of the routines in the show include some or all of the following:
Sherlock Bones plays with a ball    
"Sherlock Bones" the very funny dog (he's a puppet) does a magic routine where he does a magic trick.  Along the way, he plays with a red ball that somehow reappears from his mouth.                                                                                
How about a very funny routine about what's cooking?  Well, Randy shows you how to cook fried worms with an unexpected surprise at the end.

Ever get tired of eating the same thing over and over again.  Randy's bananas keep appearing over and over again.  The ending is even funnier. 

Randy loves candy and sweets.  He even shows the ones he likes including his Eight Foot candy cane. The candy cane appears from a small space.  This large candy cane pole will really surprise your residents.

8 Foot Candy Cane
These and more magic routines are included in this show.

The Balloon Raffle Game

This is a game where all of the the residents participate in a raffle where they win a balloon creation.

All of your residents win! 

Which balloon they win is determined by their selection from a container holding a bunch of selections.  Each resident participant is given a number on a colored piece of paper.  When the resident's colored paper with the matching number is drawn, they pick a slip of paper from a bowl.  The paper has the name of a balloon creation that they win.  As the balloon is being made, the other participants try to guess what is being made.  If someone guesses the balloon creation before it is complete, that resident gets to go next.  Trying to guess the balloon being created, keeps the residents involved as they want the next chance.  The list of available balloon is posted so the participants have an idea of what can be created.  Randy has done balloon sculpting for almost 20 years.  He is setup to complete the balloon creations in a short period of time.  This game is perfect for groups of 30 or less so it can be completed in an hour.  During the game Randy talks about the various types of balloons, from the bee body, the GEO, printed round balloons, and the various sizes.  This game is where your residents get to take something back to their room.  The balloons usually last for weeks. 

Randy uses his magical skills and a lot of laughs (psst! with help from the residents).


These shows are perfect for all ages.              


The Balloon Raffle Game and Magic shows are explicitly designed for Assisted Living Centers, Senior Living Centers, Senior Independent Living Centers,  Senior Day Care Centers, Nursing Homes, and Senior Centers around the St. Louis, Missouri and the Metro East, Illinois areas.

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